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Breast revision is a cosmetic procedure designed for patients who are not satisfied with the results of their breast augmentation procedure. This type of surgery might include fixing postoperatively breast sag, aligning asymmetrical breasts or changing the implant size. Breast revision might also be required for correcting capsular contracture and it might be performed in conjunction with a breast lift procedure.

Benefits of Breast Revision

There are a myriad of benefits of breast revision procedure, including restoring a youthful breast contour and appearance. Here are other benefits of this cosmetic procedure:

  • Breasts will regain a balanced and symmetrical shape
  • Your confidence and self-esteem will be improved
  • The size of your breasts might increase
  • Correcting any wrinkling, folding, or incorrect positioning of the original implants
  • Elimination of sagging breasts

About The Procedure

The surgeon will examine his patient to determine which type of procedure is required. A change in implant size is done if the patient wishes larger or smaller implants. If the capsule and implant hardened, the surgeon will remove them and insert new ones. The implants might need to be repositioned if the patient experiences implant rippling. An elevation of the nipple and areola position might be required if the breasts are sagging. This usually involves making additional incisions.

Breast Revision | FAQ

Who is a good candidate for breast revision surgery?

Patients who notice that the breast tissue has changed as a result of skin stretching or weight gain/loss are good candidates for breast revision surgery. You should also undertake this procedure if you notice that your saline breast implants have deflated or your silicone implant has a shell leak.

What should I expect on the day of breast revision surgery?

The surgeon might ask you to wash your body with antimicrobial soap before the breast revision surgery. Local anesthesia, intravenous sedation or general anesthesia is required during the procedure. After the procedure, a gauze dressing will be wrapped around your chest for protection. Patients might also be required to wear a surgical bra.

When will the stitches be removed?

Stitches which cannot dissolve on their own will be removed in 5 to 7 days after the surgery. Discoloration and swelling should be expected, but it will go away with time. The dressing will be removed after a few days postoperatively.

When will I be able to go back to work?

Most patients can safely return to work in 7 to 10 days after the breast revision surgery. Physical exercises can be resumed in a month after the surgery.

For how long do the results last?

The effects of breast revision surgery are usually long-lasting. However, patients are required to visit the surgeon periodically to prevent further complications.

Achieve the Best Results with Dr. Robert S. Fischer – Your Breast Revision Expert

Dr. Robert S. Fischer is an experienced cosmetic surgeon who has performed many breast revision procedures in the last decade with satisfying results. Contact our office today and make an appointment with Dr. Fischer to learn more about this type of surgery, its risks and benefits.