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Breast lift surgery, commonly known as “mastopexy”, is a cosmetic procedure designed to lift sagging breasts up and reposition the nipples. Sagging breasts affect the self-esteem of many women and it can be caused by breastfeeding, age, and weight gain or weight loss. Excess skin might be removed during this procedure. The breasts might be reshaped in order to achieve a more pleasing appearance.

Benefits of Breast Lift

This cosmetic procedure can have life-changing results for women. Patients will get a more youthful appearance and their confidence will be enhanced. Here are more advantages of breast lift:

  • Breasts will be firmer and higher
  • Women report feeling younger and more feminine
  • Breasts might appear larger due to their firmness and higher positioning
  • Cleavage will be more attractive and sexier
  • Clothes will fit you better
  • You will achieve better balance between buttocks and breasts
  • Makes it possible to go topless if required
  • Dramatic improvement in appearance if it is done in conjunction with breast augmentation

About The Procedure

The Crescent Lift is the least invasive and it consists of removing a crescent-shaped piece of tissue from the breasts. The tissues will be re-sutured higher and this procedure is more suitable for patients with ptosis.

The Benelli technique consists of removing a donut-shaped piece of tissue from around the edge of the areola. The surrounding tissues are re-sutured to the areola using string sutures. Additional tissues might be removed for better results.

The full mastopexy procedure is the most invasive and it starts with an incision at the base of the areola. The nipple will also be repositioned. Minimal scarring results at the completion of this procedure.

Breast Lift | FAQ

Is the breast lift procedure painful?

Most patients experience discomfort and soreness after this surgery which is normal and will subside in a few days. The surgeon will prescribe pain medication if it is necessary.

For how long will my breasts be swollen?

Swelling will pass in the first weeks after the surgery. The patient needs to sleep more and stay upright for the swelling to subside even faster. Drinking water and lowering the sodium intake will also help reducing the swelling associated with breast lift surgery. Your surgeon might prescribe you Bromelain, vitamins A, C and K, and Arnica Montana to speed up the healing process

What should I expect after the surgery?

Any sutures which might have been placed under the skin of the breasts will eventually dissolve on their own in a few months after the surgery. The patient must wear a support bra for at least 3 weeks, both during the day and night.

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