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Age and gravity are the two biggest causes of changes in a person’s appearance. Of course, as bodies age the elasticity of the skin on all parts of the body lessens. Muscles weaken and when gravity is added into the mix, then parts of the body start to droop and sag too, as it is pulled down by this force. These effects, particularly on the face, can cause a person to look ol więcej»



Announcing The Arrival Of MesoPen At Robert S. Fischer MD Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Announcing The Arrival Of MesoPen At Robert S. Fischer MD Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
At Robert S. Fischer MD Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, we are delighted to announce the arrival of a new product called MesoPen® at our clinic. Mesotherapy is fast becoming the leading cosmetic procedure to smoothen and rejuvenate your skin. The MesoPen® is designed to stimulate your skin so that it can repair and regenerate itself in a safe and natural manner, resulting in brighter, smoother and youthful-looking skin. The pen also utilizes micro-needle technology to create many tiny perforations in your skin to facilitate the stimulation of new elastin and collagen development.

If you are looking for a more affordable alternative that is also less invasive and more effective, the MesoPen® is made for you in mind. It is designed to deliver results that can be compared to laser treatments and chemical peels without the associated long recovery time and risks. What’s more, these benefits come at a fraction of the cost that is prevalent in other types of similar cosmetic procedures.

Understanding Benefits of Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is not limited to treating only one targeted condition. It can be used to treat cellulite, enable wrinkle reduction, aid in weight loss, and eliminate alopecia among other potential uses. Here are some of the other benefits of mesotherapy:

  • Provides a relatively pain-free experience
  • General anesthetic is not required
  • No downtime after procedure as it is non-invasive
  • See results from the mesotherapy fast

About the MesoPen®

It is a professional micro-needle therapy device that is motorized, and should only be used by certified medical and aesthetic specialists. The pen is made with an aluminum alloy casing, which means it is very durable and promises a long service lifespan.

Furthermore, the device does not need to be heated up prior to use. And it is expertly designed to withstand heavy use. The pen comes with five-speed levels control, is compact and portable, produces powerful vibrations and is extremely user friendly.

You will feel assured knowing that the needle cartridges are designed with the highest level of safety in mind, and the 12-point needle cartridges have needle lengths that are adjustable.

The device can be used on all skin types and on all areas of the face, neck and body.

What’s the MesoPen® Difference?

The biggest competitive edge that MesoPen® possesses is its incredible cost. Its manufacturer always believes in the provision of fair prices to the masses even though they face the constant pressure by competitors to increase the costs of their needle cartridges and miscellaneous parts. We are also happy to pass on the cost savings to our own clients so that they can enjoy a safe and sterile device at great prices.

If you have heard from others that the needle cartridges tend to leak, do not believe these misconceptions as that is completely untrue. The device itself and its needle cartridges are manufactured in Korea with the highest standards. The cartridges are packed and sealed individually. Additionally, the pen’s manufacturers have a one-and-only international patent that features a silicone sleeve that’s located at the back of the cartridge which prevents cross-contamination totally.

This also means that utmost sterility and safety is assured for the users. The pen has undergone extensive lab tests to verify and prove its safety specifications. If you have questions regarding the integrity and safety of the MesoPen®, please let us know. To know more about this product that we will be utilizing for our mesotherapy procedures, feel free to drop us a call or write us an email. 

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